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Jeon Somi Has The Most Relatable Yet Fitting Nickname For Her Bestie Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Be honest, we’ve all called him this at least once.

Jeon Somi took to Instagram live in the past to chat with her fans and give them a lot of entertaining content. One think she did was actually accidentally spoiling a YG Entertainment artist’s song. She also shared a greeting from aespa‘s Giselle, who was also watching Somi’s live.

And she even promised to do TREASURE‘s “Darari” TikTok challenge.

Which as soon as the live was over, she filmed and uploaded it to her TikTok account as promised.


#dararichallenge 트레쟈 하이띵

♬ DARARI – ︎ ondu

Somi | @somi_official_/TikTok 
| @somi_official_/TikTok 

Somi also talked about Stray KidsBang Chan in her Instagram live. Although the two are now at different companies, with Somi signed to The Black Label and Bang Chan signed to JYP Entertainment, they both know each other from when Somi was a JYP Entertainment trainee.

Somi as a part of JYP Entertainment’s survival show Sixteen

In many of his VLIVEs, Bang Chan has often watched Somi’s music videos. And when he was reacting to her comeback “Dumb Dumb,” Bang Chan even congratulated her. Saying that he “saw her all the time as a kid. It’s been almost 7 or 8 years. We’ve known each other for 8 years.”

The two have even interacted briefly at music shows. Like in this adorable interaction when they high five after they pass each other on stage.

Bang Chan also sang along to her most recent track, “Fast Forward.”

In Somi’s Instagram live, she brought up Bang Chan when she talked about the kind of content she should do in her own lives. She suggested that maybe she could react to videos like Bang Chan often does. Even mentioning that she knows he has reacted to a lot of hers.

Somi then added that she has a funny nickname for Bang Chan, often calling him Ban Chan.

Banchan means side dishes that you would eat with a meal. And the pronunciation is very similar to that of Bang Chan’s stage name, which is why Somi teasingly started calling him that. And while this is adorable proof of the two idol’s friendship, the nickname is probably familiar to most Stray Kids’ fans.

A while ago, Stray Kids’ Felix was asked in a music show interview what his favorite side dish (banchan) was. Felix jokingly answered, “Bang Chan hyung.”

The joke didn’t stop there, with Bang Chan later updating his Bubble app name to say “SideDish,” with the added reference of “Felix’s favourite SideDish.”

And it’s definitely a goofy but adorable name for Somi to call her friend. Fans can only hope to continue to see more interactions between the two in the future.

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