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Jared Leto Makes Surprise Appearance Hosting ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for April Fools’ Day

Jared Leto is all about doing the unexpected, even if that means dropping in for a guest host spot on Wheel of Fortune. 

On Monday, the 52-year-old Morbius actor surprised fans both at home and in the audience of the iconic fill-in-the-blank game show when he walked out on stage at the top of the April 1 episode. In clips posted to social media, Leto is seen walking out with the show’s longtime letter-turner, Vanna White, as they were introduced by a voiceover. 

“Here are the stars of our show, Jared Leto and Vanna White,” the announcer said as the audience clapped loudly.

After hitting their mark, the long-haired Suicide Squad actor turned to White, 67, and wished her a great show as he went over to the wheel to start the game, sans any mention of why he was acting in the role. 

“Alright everybody, grab those devices, it’s time to give away some money,” he told the episode’s three contestants — each looking slightly puzzled by the swapping out of the show’s traditional host, Pat Sajak. 

The impromptu appearance from the Academy Award-winning actor was quickly explained on Facebook to be an April Fools’ Day joke.

“Did you notice anything different in tonight’s show?! #AprilFools,” the account shared late Monday evening with their more than 1 million followers. 

In the comments, the show’s devoted fans flooded the section with their relief and excitement over the appearance from Leto, who is known to be at the center of odd headlines, including his October bungee jump onto the stage of a music festival and his climbing of the Empire State building just weeks after that to announce a new Thirty Seconds to Mars album. 

Jared Leto scaled the Empire State Building in November to promote 30 Seconds to Mars' new album – Today/Renan Ozturk

“Haha! We were caught. I was shocked. I’m like, that’s not Ryan Seacrest! And Pat didn’t even say bye,” one fan wrote, referencing how the American Idol host, 49, will take over for Sajak, 77, in the fall. 

The confusion was surely exacerbated by the fact that Leto was swapped out with the show’s typical host after the first puzzle. Once again, the switcheroo happened without mention or explanation. 

“I thought I was seeing things! 🤣 I asked my husband, ‘did you just see Jared Leto???'” another person wrote. 

The real changing of the guard from Sajak to Seacrest comes at the beginning of the 2024-2025 season, starting in the fall. Sajak’s retirement marks the end of a major era in the show’s history as he has held the cue cards on Wheel of Fortune since 1981.  

In the fall, ET spoke with Seacrest about how he was feeling after being announced as the successor of a titan of the TV game show industry. He said that not only was he excited about joining the show, but that Sajak had been in contact with him and offered some words of wisdom, as well as a speed dial number should he need any help. 

“He is a legend. I’ve looked up to him forever. He’s so good at that job, which, you know, is a little bit of pressure here. But he just said, ‘You’re going to have a great time. It’s so much fun. What’s better than giving away money and doing that every single night?'” Seacrest shared.




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