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It’s Kind Of A Disrespect To Rock And Roll

Metallica frontman James Hetfield isn’t thrilled that Motörhead and their iconic vocalist Lemmy Kilmister haven’t been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. In a recent episode of The Metallica Report, Hetfield noted his displeasure and questioned the logic of those involved with the hall… as we all do. Like, a lot.

“The most rock and roll lifestyle-living person on this planet is not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, which is a travesty, a shame,” said Hetfield. “It’s kind of a disrespect to rock and roll, basically.”

Motörhead was nominated once in 2020 and has yet to either get in or get a second shot at induction. Lemmy and Motörhead join acts like Iron Maiden, Soundgarden, Slayer, Pantera, Thin Lizzy, and countless others that have been largely ignored by the hall for no readily apparent reason.

Hetfield also talked a little about his new middle finger tattoo which partially includes some of Lemmy‘s ashes.

“Adriana, my girlfriend, her best friend passed away,” said Hetfield. “And we had just talked about the ability to put ashes in the ink to represent someone who you carry around in your life.”

“So thinking up ideas of what would represent that person and memories for their life – I mean, that’s really what they are; they’re memories – and remembering that I had been given some ashes of Lemmy and a little silver bullet that was like a necklace and using that to get my – yeah, the Iron Cross and the ace of spades.”

He added: “So Lemmy is able to still fly the bird to the world via me. And just a reminder of what an inspiration he has been in my life – what to do, what not to do. And for me paying respects to him in maybe lieu of him being in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, which still continues to piss me off.”

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