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ICHILLIN’/Triple iz’s E.Ji Is Gearing Up To Hold A Special Fan Event As A One Day Manager In Taipei

On April 8th, the Kpopmap Team met Triple iz who just debuted with the addictive song ‘Halla’ a few days earlier. The group, comprised of Dita (of SECRET NUMBER), E.Ji (of ICHILLIN’), and Aria (of X:IN), has been receiving a lot of love from Korean and global fans since the launching of their special project.

The large amounts of attention the girls have been receiving is in part due the social metaverse platform ifland, which they have used to release exclusive content and connect with their fans, forming a deeper bond.

Their debut song was released on 216 global music channels, including iTunes, Spotify, and FLO. The choreography is a masterpiece you shouldn’t miss. For those of you who have yet to listen to ‘Halla’ or the video, check it out below.

With their grand debut, the girls held a special showcase for fans. And where should they hold it if not ifland? This is where they have been releasing exclusive content! Kpopmap was there at the studio and we have behind-the-scenes stories just for you.


Global XR showcase behind-the-scenes

When we arrived at the studio at 1 PM, the first thing that popped out was the equipment in the studio and the amount of staff. It was packed with machines and people.

The stage had a huge curved backdrop and floor covered in LEDs with dozens of lights shining from overhead. The stage was made for filming rather than live performances so it was not much higher than one step off the floor. The main camera was attached to a rail system (a dolly camera) so it could freely move up, down, and front to back. There were two monitor screens stuck to it, one for PC and one for phone. The camera director with his assistant were very focused and busy with their craft. While setting it they made sure no person or thing was in the way of the rail while monitoring its screens.


Some staff were in front of the mega-sized screen to monitor all the different cameras at once while others were taking care of the three girls. Even in the darkness of the studio, we could feel the rush in the air, likely because they wanted to do the best for the fans.

It was not only this rush we could feel, but the heat as well. With all these apparatuses, the LED stage, and the numerous staff, the room had become hot! Despite the heat, Dita, E.Ji, and Aria were dancing their best. The members worked very hard to perform the song flawlessly. Just like we noticed last time we met them, despite the tough schedule they were laughing and interacting during the time they had to wait for the production team.

Look at some of these cute moments:

The three members stood on a cute pinkish set with a bridge, candies, and a rainbow. Using cutting-edge filming technology and innovative techniques, the staff skillfully made it appear as though the members were seamlessly integrated into ifland. To check how they appeared on camera, the three members could look at a screen shown towards them while performing.

Throughout the whole afternoon, the girls filmed over and over the same choreography from different angles and for different screens like for 3D and for 2D with breaks in between. The staff also added special effects like smoke, spark, and cherry blossom petals. The production team did a lot of troubleshooting and brainstorming on when and how to place them. We can tell you they paid attention to every detail and were very serious about these effects.

During small breaks, the girls would monitor themselves and get their makeup or clothes touched up. But for longer breaks, such as those where they needed to change outfits, they would go to their individual waiting rooms. That day the members changed twice.


A successful press showcase & Fan live preparation

Before the fan live, at 6:30 pm, Triple iz held a showcase with the press where they showed off their amazing chemistry and cute poses during photo time. Lovely as doves, you could feel how great at poses all the members were. Dita has girl crush poses, E.ji has lovely poses, and Aria has cute but confident poses.

When asked what makes Triple iz different from other groups. They answered that they have charisma, but inside they also have youth, cutie, and sexy.

Triple iz Are Shining Bright At Their Global Fan Live & XR Showcase | Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video


Earlier, Aria was surprised by her fellow X:IN members, who came to the studio to support her throughout the showcase. Aria was also happy to see them express their excitement. We could see the X:IN members smiling and taking videos as well and clapping vigorously at the end of the song. As soon as Aria came down off the stage, they hugged each other. It was touching to see.

ICHILLIN’ and SECRET NUMBER members could not come but E.Ji and Dita mentioned they have been receiving a lot of support from them.

Triple iz Are Shining Bright At Their Global Fan Live & XR Showcase | Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video


Shortly after a break, it was time to practice with the English-speaking MC Han HeeJun for the fan live. During the rehearsal, they checked every little detail and were very professional. They had a review of the script and how the show will happen step by step. Once again, they had everything prepared for the fans, including access to both English and Korean.


Triple iz message to Izland

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