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Ice Spice Accused Of Cheating On Boyfriend With Lil Tjay

Ice Spice (real name Isis Naija Gaston) is being accused of cheating on her longtime boyfriend with Lil Tjay, among other things, according to a person who claims she’s the rapper’s former best friend.

Singer Baby Storme took to X (formerly Twitter) with a series of posts in an attempt to expose the Bronx rapper on Saturday (April 27). Along with pictures and screenshots of texts, she pledged to expose the 24-year-old for being a fake friend and a bad person.

“this is Cleo,” she wrote with a photo of Ice and a girl named Cleopatra. “the girl she chose to be her ‘best friend to the public.’ when in reality, it was me behind the scenes. Cleo & her are not really best friends. Isis has always hated Cleo. But she used her so she could appear ‘closer to blackness.’ she also lied about being Nigerian. she stole that from me.”

In another post, she shared a long text she allegedly sent Ice, accusing her of being a fake friend since high school and only rekindling their friendship in recent years because Storme has a following in music.

Storme then shared a text that she claims was between her and the Bronx native to try and prove that the latter is also a colorist. In the chat, the “Munch” rapper is talking about how she has no sympathy for “dark skin” people who say they have to work harder because of her skin color.

Adding fatphobia to the allegations, she shared another text screenshot in which Ice seemingly refers to a person as “wide body.”

In her final post, she said that the “Deli” hitmaker cheated on her longtime producer and boyfriend RIOTUSA with Lil Tjay at one point.

“EJ, ‘Riot’ is her producer and boyfriend since 2019,” she wrote. “he was the real mastermind behind her career & the one who pushed her to rap. she cheated on him with Tjay & then rapped about it on their song together. if you don’t believe me, just go back & read the lyrics to ‘Gansta boo.’

“but this time, read carefully. they were talking about him. she knows no loyalty. not even to the only person who has always been there for her. Riot.”

Ice Spice and Lil Tjay linked up in January 2023 for their first collaboration on a song titled “Gangsta Boo” from her debut EP Like..?

Named after the late Memphis rap legend and built around a sample of Diddy’s “I Need a Girl (Part 2),” the song is full of flirtatious chemistry as both artists rap about their respective romantic interests.

Ice Spice To Make Her Acting Debut In Spike Lee’s Remake Of ‘High & Low’

The two sparked dating rumors shortly after the song’s release, when the 22-year-old commissioned an expensive watch for his collaborator.

On Valentine’s Day, Benny The Jeweler posted a video on Instagram to show off a new rose gold Richard Millie RM-05 he made for Ice at the request of Tjay.

The clip features the diamond-encrusted watch in all its glory, with Benny dishing out details of the watch such as its white band as well as the assortment of diamonds on its face.

Many in the comments suggested that this it proof of a romance between the two, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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