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HyunA’s Comeback with ‘Attitude’ Opens a New Musical Horizon

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Korea’s leading pop icon, HyunA, is making a glamorous comeback with her new EP ‘Attitude’, raising fans’ expectations. This album is gaining attention for its collaborations with globally recognized musicians. Her agency, At Ateria, elevated fans’ anticipation by revealing the EP’s tracklist along with the title track and other songs’ lyricists and composers through official SNS.

‘Attitude’ consists of four tracks, with the title track ‘Q&A’ composed by top-class producers GroovyRoom and LDN Noise, garnering high expectations. Notably, HyunA participated in the lyrics and composition of the first track, ‘Attitude’, which shares the album’s name, further defining her musical color. Additionally, renowned producers such as GroovyRoom, Guaca, and EVAN contributed to the high-quality music of the album.

Well-known for their stylish music, Boycold and Giriboy present a fantastic harmony with HyunA in the third track ‘Ah!’. Moreover, Gemini not only participated in songwriting and composition but also added charm to the track with vocal featuring. The last track ‘RSVP’ is drawing attention with Changmo’s featuring and J.Y.Park “The Asiansoul”’s participation in composing, significantly raising expectations for this album.

HyunA’s EP ‘Attitude’ is a work filled with her new musical attempts and a frank and confident attitude, offering a glimpse into HyunA’s diverse musical spectrum in each track. With various teasers being released one after another, fans are increasingly excited. As the focus intensifies on the upcoming music video and album, there’s anticipation for whether this comeback will mark HyunA’s musical transformation and set a new trend. The album and music video are scheduled to be released on May 2nd at 6 PM. Fans are already looking forward to seeing what new aspects HyunA will show and what new stories her music will tell.

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