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How HORI7ON’s Fan Signing Event Stages Reaffirms Their Strength As Talented Performers

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HORI7ON have been killing it following the conclusion of idol trainee survival program, “Dream Maker“. They’re constantly touted as an incredible idol group by fans and critics alike. Bridging the gap between K-Pop and global pop, there’s nothing that the group cannot do.

They established a clear identity with their hype, energetic sound, acting as a special serotonin boost for ANCHOR far and wide. They’ve proven this recently with the first installment of their “DAYTOUR” series with ‘LUCKY’. In just one release, fans can be found enthusiastically dancing along to their groovy melody. After a few weeks of promoting on a few Korean music shows, HORI7ON made their way to their home country of the Philippines to embark on a series of fan signing events, aptly named “THE LUCKY FAN SIGNING EVENT“.

While content on their official YouTube channel has been scarce, fans have been adamant in uploading various videos and clips of the fan signing event all across social media.

As the boys take the stage, they’re as talented as ever, showcasing all the reasons why the music industry should be taking notice of HORI7ON.


Balance Between Professional And Having Fun

After being selected as the final seven, HORI7ON went through even more training to ensure that they were stage ready. Their efforts and hard work have so obviously paid off, as they execute every piece of choreography to perfection, regardless of if the fan signing event just started or is about to wrap up. They’re able to keep it completely professional, using the right facial expressions and stage gestures to add a little more flavor to their stages. However, as if they’re already proven veterans, they show the ability to have fun on stage, feeding off of the audiences’ energy. Being able to do so makes ANCHOR excited, as it serves as a glimpse of how HORI7ON could be at a future concert. This flexibility is key to becoming well-rounded performers in the very near future.


Always Overflowing With Energy

HORI7ON are more than just idols, but bright-eyed individuals who are living out their dreams. Even if the stage is on the smaller side, they’re not afraid to go all out, able to exude a tidal wave worth of energy for their cheering fans. Watching performances like this, you can tell that the idol group puts well past 100% of effort into every performance. The high notes, the execution, and their apparent love for the stage has the ability make even non-fans fall in love.


Impeccable Live Performances

Since their performances and dance skills are at such a high level, it would make complete sense for the idol group to rely on backing tracks to elevate their stage to the next level, while putting minimum strain on their vocals. However, they are true professionals, able to sing entirely live from beginning to end. This is one strength of the idol group, as they become a definition of boundless talent and a walking example of what it means to be an idol singer. With their raw vocals continuing to remain powerful and clean, even after performing multiple up-tempo dance moves, the boys will be able to reach the stars and beyond, ultimately loved for their mesmerizing talent.


Netizen Sentiment Towards HORI7ON

How HORI7ON's Fan Signing Event Stages Reaffirms Their Strength As Talented Performers


Over the course of the month of April and while they’ve been entertaining fans at the fan signing events, the general consensus around HORI7ON has remained positive. Even at the start of the week, when not much has happened, netizens continue to hold HORI7ON in high regard. They’re a group that not only provides good vibes, but shows us the necessity to grow. Naturally so, ANCHOR constantly mention the boy group across all forms of social media, making sure everyone knows about the shining sun that is HORI7ON.

How HORI7ON's Fan Signing Event Stages Reaffirms Their Strength As Talented Performers


Witnessing their growth from the competition program to now has been an enriching experience for all. As they continue on their path as idols, only time will tell when they’ll receive those highly anticipated love calls to stand on the biggest stages and captivate audiences far and wide. With their boundless strengths, it certainly becomes a matter of “when” rather than a matter of “if”.

Were you able to attend the “THE LUCKY FAN SIGNING EVENT”? What’s your favorite performance from the idol group?

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