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How Close Are LE SSERAFIM’s And NewJeans’ Members Off Camera?

They candidly spoke about their friendship.

LE SSERAFIM members Sakura, Eunchae, and Kazuha appeared on Jonathan Thona‘s TheKstarNextDoor, where they were put in the hot seat to answer burning questions about the group.

(From left to right) LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae, Sakura, and Kazuha | @le_sserafim/Twitter

After introducing the artists, Jonathan usually begins the show with K-Profiles, where he asks the guests questions based on trending keywords about them. During the K-Profile breakdown, Jonathan brought up LE SSERAFIM’s fellow HYBE Label group, NewJeans.

(From left to right) NewJeans’ Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Hyein, and Haerin | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

While LE SSERAFIM is under Source Music and NewJeans is under ADOR, both companies are under the HYBE Labels umbrella.

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter
NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

A fan reportedly spotted LE SSERAFIM’s maknae Eunchae at the HYBE cafeteria with NewJeans members Hanni and Hyein.

A few days later, fans’ dreams came true when fellow ’06-liners, Eunchae and NewJeans’ Haerin, collaborated to film the “ANTIFRAGILE” dance challenge.


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As soon as Jonathan mentioned NewJeans, Eunchae adorably danced to “Attention.” He asked if they were close to their fellow rookie group.

Eunchae revealed that while four of the LE SSERAFIM members may not have had the opportunity to become close with the NewJeans members,  Yunjin was especially close with the group at that time, having trained with NewJeans members.

The NewJeans members previously trained with Source Music before the group was set to debut under HYBE’s new subsidiary ADOR.

While they may have said Yunjin was closest with the group, the rest of the LE SSERAFIM members had nothing but praise for NewJeans.

During the interview, Eunchae also spilled on how her school experience has changed since her debut; check out more below!

LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Spills On The Reality Of Attending School As An Idol

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