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Houston Restaurant Employee Caught Rubbing Body Parts In Food

On this week’s episode of TSR Investigates, a Houston restaurant owner opens up about catching his employee getting freaky with the food!

Surveillance footage showed the employee rubbing his body parts on breakfast jelly and other open food items.

Houston Restaurant Owner Speaks

According to police records, 27-year-old Othello Holmes recorded himself committing the acts and sending them to people.

Speaking to TSRI’s Justin Carter, restaurant owner Marcus Davis said he was “angry” after making the disgusting discovery.

One of his establishments in Houston, named Kulture Restaurant and Lounge, had hired Holmes as an experienced line cook in January. At the time, Holmes allegedly had no criminal history and had passed a background check.

But that quickly changed at the beginning of April. That’s when Davis received a phone call from one of Kulture’s managers that led to uncovering Othello’s secret.

Davis refused to describe what was on one video that Othello circulated. However, reports cited by Justin Carter claim that Holmes put “his genitals in a jar of jelly.” He reportedly had a “sexual urge” but “stopped himself” before ejaculating.

He allegedly told police that he has these “urges” on a frequent basis and admitted to having “a problem” and needing “help.”

“Beyond disgusting,” Davis said. “We immediately went to the unit and prevented it from opening. Closed for the day, had the staff going in and move all products from our refrigerator.”

It’s unclear if the Houston restaurant will face any citations from health and food safety government agencies for the former employee’s actions.

 What Else Did Police Find?

After Holmes’ lewd acts were exposed, police found even more concerning materials during their investigation.

Turns out that the 27-year-old also enjoyed pornographic content involving children. Police say Holmes had hundreds of graphic sexual photos and videos of minors, including a video of him engaging in sexual activity with himself and another person in front of a child.

Watch the full five-minute episode of TSR Investigates below to see how police are handling this case next.

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