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Hiddink’s Heartfelt Return: A Special “You Quiz on the Block” Episode

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In an exclusive revelation that’s set to captivate audiences nationwide, tvN’s beloved show “You Quiz on the Block” has recently completed filming an episode featuring none other than the legendary football coach, Guus Hiddink. Known for his deep ties with South Korea, Hiddink’s upcoming appearance alongside the charismatic Yoo Jae-suk is eagerly anticipated. The episode, as confirmed in a conversation with Ilgan Sports, is scheduled to air next week, marking a remarkable moment in Korean television.

Hiddink, a figure synonymous with South Korean football’s golden era, helmed the national team from 2001 to 2002, leading them to an unprecedented semi-final spot in the 2002 FIFA World Cup co-hosted by South Korea and Japan. This achievement, still unmatched in Asia, has enshrined Hiddink as a national hero in the hearts of many Koreans. His forthcoming visit and participation in “You Quiz on the Block” alongside Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho have sparked immense curiosity and excitement about the stories and insights he will share.

Adding to the anticipation, Hiddink is also slated to appear on KBS1’s “Morning Forum” on April 9, further solidifying his presence in the Korean media landscape after a prolonged absence. His appearances are not just a trip down memory lane but also a bridge reconnecting him with the nation that holds him in high esteem.

“You Quiz on the Block,” featuring the special episode with Guus Hiddink, is set to air on April 17 at 8:45 PM KST on tvN. This unique episode promises to offer viewers a blend of nostalgia, laughter, and perhaps a few heartfelt moments, as we get a closer look at the man behind the legend. As we await this highly anticipated broadcast, one can’t help but wonder about the impact Hiddink’s legacy continues to have on football and the people of South Korea. Stay tuned for what promises to be an unforgettable episode of “You Quiz on the Block.”

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