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Handsome Man Goes Viral After Being Harassed By A Woman

She just wouldn’t leave him alone.

Having “pretty privilege” is advantageous…or is it? Conventionally attractive people can experience societal advantages, such as preferential treatment, simply because of their looks. There is, however, a darker side to being desired.

Unrelated photo for illustrative purposes | Taylor Smith/Unsplash

Just ask Yizai, a handsome Douyin (China’s TikTok) star. He told his audience of more than 90,000 followers about a frightening encounter with a stranger, having captured the incident on video.

Yizai | Douyin via South China Morning Post

While waiting for a bus, Yizai was suddenly hugged by a woman from behind. After freeing himself, Yizai fled…

…but the woman followed him and continued to harass him, going so far as to follow him onto a bus.

The woman who harassed Yizai | Douyin via South China Morning Post

Woman: You are so handsome!

Yizai: Stay away from me. Do not harass me. I will call the police. Do you not feel ashamed doing this in public?

Woman:  Do not call the police to report me.

While on the bus, a female passenger noticed Yizai’s distress and intervened, blocking the woman from entering Yizai’s personal space. Unfortunately, that was not enough to end the encounter. After the woman followed Yizai off the bus, he ran into a restaurant to hide in the men’s restroom while the woman searched the kitchen.

Once he was able to, Yizai sought help from an employee at another restaurant. The employee offered Yizai a ride to a main road, where he was able to hail a taxi. Once safe, Yizai reported the woman to police. As it turns out, he was not the first man she had harassed.

| South China Morning Post

Police have urged the woman’s family to take measures to keep both the woman–who suffers from mental health issues–and the public safe.

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