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Full Details On How To Participate In An Exclusive Triple iz ‘Halla’ Video Challenge – Kpopmap

Triple iz is a multinational girl group who has captivated the world.

Earlier this month on April 8th, Triple iz made their long awaited debut with the addictive and trendy track ‘Halla’. After months of practice, passion, and preparation, it seems the girls’ hard work paid off as the song quickly topped the Indonesian iTunes chart upon release. Additionally, a special event was created for Izland around the globe: the Triple iz ‘Halla’ Dance Challenge Event — “Who Is The Best ‘Halla’ ifstar?”!

There have been numerous participants showcasing their support and love towards Triple iz! However, the season of Triple iz and giveaway events are far from over! There is yet another event that will be hosted through Kpopmap!

Read more about it down below!


Dance & Song Challenge Event Details


How To Participate

Participants will be able to win very special prizes through dance and their very own singing ability by trying various challenges with Triple iz’s ‘Halla’, as well as sending messages of your unwavering support! Here is how you participate!


Song & Dance Video Entry

  1. Cover song via ifland: using ifland’s microphone, recording app, or phone screen recording function, record yourself singing a cover of ‘Halla’ on ifland.
  2.  Capturing a self-video: Even if it’s not on ifland, you can use your phone to make a recording of yourself doing a cover dance and song! Upload these videos as a reply and use the hashtag #kpopmap_halla. This way, you can become a new ‘Halla’ star!


Support Message Entry

  1. Head over to Kpopmap’s X and look at this tweet here.
  2. Reply with your very own supportive message and express your love for Triple iz, ‘Halla’, and all their past activities. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #kpopmap_hall to be entered into the event.

-The videos and messages of the selected winners will be shown on screen during the regular news streaming time for Triple iz: Weekly Izland News. It can be shown to fellow fans across the globe! (Triple iz may even come to see your video!)


*We recommend you use the screen recording function of your phone.

Don’t be afraid to be creative or attempt this challenge with friends! You can dress up as students, make a video with your family, or even add a comical twist. The possibilities are endless and we just can’t wait to see what Izland come up with!

Follow these steps and you’ll be entered to win an exclusively signed album + photo.


Event Period

2024.04.25 (Thurs) ~ 2024.05.07 (Tues) KST


Winner Announcement

– 10 winners will be selected to receive a signed album + photo.

– Please have your DMs open so we can contact you if you’re chosen as a winner.

– After the conclusion of the event, if we do not receive the personal information from the winner within a certain period, their prize may be canceled.

If you haven’t already, check out the official MV of ‘Halla’ down below.

Stay tuned to Kpopmap for more coverage on Triple iz’s journey now that they’ve finally debuted!

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