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French Montana Works Out With Boxer Ryan Garcia

French Montana and Ryan Garcia have gotten into the ring together — in a manner of speaking, of course.

Taking to his Instagram on Saturday (May 11), the Moroccan-American rapper shared a photo and a video of himself working out on a treadmill alongside the champion boxer. A slimmed-down Montana teased that the pair are getting ready for Garcia’s next fight.

“Me and champ getting ready for our next fight, bet on yourself [boxing glove emoji] @kingryan,” he wrote in the caption.

Check it out below.

While Garcia and Montana rapper clearly have an amiable relationship, other rappers in the game aren’t as lucky — as 21 Savage found out when he walked out with Garcia’s opponent, Devin Haney, before their fight last month.

After backstage footage emerged of the rapper chilling out in Haney’s dressing room, followed by Savage’s walk-out with Haney, Garcia took to X (formerly Twitter) to make a slick comment.

“This proves 21 ain’t no savage,” he wrote.

Shortly thereafter, it emerged that Garcia dedicated his boxing win to “all the children” who had been victims of sex trafficking — a fact made further symbolic by Haney’s friendship with the embattled Diddy.

Kanye West also was at the receiving end of Garcia’s wrath last month when he allegedly declined his offer to accompany him to the ring over a joke about Diddy.

In a lengthy rant on X, Garcia unloaded on the Chicago rap icon, who he claims is “mad” at him for saying “no Diddy,” a play on the “pause” trope that has gained steam in the wake of the mogul’s sexual assault allegations.

While speaking to the press ahead of his fight with Devin Haney, the 25-year-old was asked about his walkout offer to Ye and said: “Kanye told me ‘no.’ He don’t like that I said ‘no Diddy.’”

He was referring to a previous request to 50 Cent where he wrote: “@50cent would be awesome if you walked out with me 4-20. No diddy. Let’s do this!!!!”

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That led to the boxer launching into a vicious social media tirade against Kanye, taunting him over his antisemitic controversy, divorce from Kim Kardashian and terminated adidas deal.

“Why Kanye mad at me for saying ‘no diddy’. He lost it when he said he was the New Jesus,” Garcia began.

“Kanye thought he was [invincible] he cool but when you say the things you say. Then it will come back around. You really loved Kim and you lost her. Pete had her that’s sad, carnival helped you.

“Still you really defending someone that the feds on, and the crazy thing is you told everyone about him. And now you changed your tune bc you exalted your self higher then God you aren’t God no one cares about Kanye anymore.”

He added: “It’s not a black thing or a color thing it’s a someone did something wrong thing. If diddy did wrong then he did wrong i don’t give a fudge about color. The feds don’t show up if there isn’t any solid proof. Sad to see people defending this.”

Garcia also claimed Kanye is scared of him: “I’m on Kanye neck he can’t respond bc he terrified, I’m on him what’s good. We ant the old image back bc the new Kanye lost himself, he decided to be a beacon for hate. And then he backtracks bc he soft real f*** talk.”

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