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Formula 1 Star James Hunt Subject Of Feature Doc

EXCLUSIVE: Iconic British driver James Hunt is the subject of a feature doc from Deep Fusion Films.

British production house Deep Fusion has entered into a creative partnership with the James Hunt Estate on the production of Hunt: We Need to Talk About James, a 90-minute film that will offer “an unprecedentedly intimate look at the life and legacy of the man who helped define the glamour and danger of Formula 1, both on and off the track.”

Hunt had a well-publicized reputation as a playboy and adrenaline junkie, and was considered a golden boy of motorsports during his seven-year Formula 1 career, which culminated in him winning the 1976 World Championship in a dramatic final race. 

While his personality and attitude made him hugely popular with the public and a familiar face in newspapers, his ‘live fast, die young’ approach was less well received by Formula 1’s establishment, who accused him of bringing the motorsport into disrepute.

The doc will look to separate the myths from the misconceptions, and provide “an unflinchingly honest account of the man his friend and rival Niki Lauda described as ‘the most charismatic personality who’s ever been in Formula One.’”

“This documentary is a chance to share the true story of my father, the man behind the celebrity,” said Freddie Hunt, James Hunt’s son. “It’s about understanding him more than judging; about celebrating the depth beyond the fast cars and flashy lifestyle. We are extremely excited to partner with Deep Fusion Films to show the world a side of my dad that few have seen.”

The doc will feature unseen archive footage and exclusive interviews with friends, family and Formula 1 luminaries such as Lauda and Mika Hakkinen. Shooting is due to begin in the fourth quarter of this year, mainly across the UK. Benjamin Field, Jamie Anderson and Freddie Hunt are the executive producers and Richard Wiseman is attached as archive producer.   

Hunt was the subject of Ron Howard’s 2013 drama Rush, with Chris Hemsworth playing the driver opposite Daniel Bruhl, who portrayed Lauda.

Field, co-founder of Deep Fusion, said: “James Hunt’s story is not just captivating for motorsports fans — it’s also the saga of a man who lived fiercely and on his own terms. Hunt: We Need to Talk About James will paint a portrait of James that goes far beyond his public persona to reveal the private trials, tribulations and triumphs that made him a Formula One icon whose influence on both his sport and popular culture endures to this day.”

Field is known for biopics such as Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted, which looked at the life of the Thunderbirds creator for BritBox UK, with Abacus Media Rights attached. That film used deepfake technology to ‘ethically’ repurpose intimate audio archive footage, bringing the children’s TV icon back to screen to discuss his life after his death. We hear it’s unlikely We Need to Talk About James will do the same, despite Hunt passing away aged 45 in 1993.

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