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Former BTOB Member Ilhoon’s Interaction With A Netizen Gains Attention — Giving Many Netizens Their First Update

For many, it was their first update since his military discharge.

A netizen’s update on former BTOB member Ilhoon has melted the hearts of netizens.

Former BTOB Ilhoon | Idol Radio

Ilhoon is no longer a member of BTOB, and following the news, netizens didn’t know what the idol was doing after he being discharged from the military.

Last month, after what seemed like forever, netizens got their first update from Ilhoon after a bakery shared a photo with him. While his visuals were still perfect, netizens were surprised to see how long his hair was but added that it made him look even more handsome.

After that update, netizens were eagerly waiting for the next update, and they didn’t have to wait long.

On April 11, a Korean netizen shared a photo they had taken with Ilhoon, sharing their interaction with the former BTOB member and with his long hair, he looks extremely handsome and seemed more than happy to speak and interact with fans.

While riding at the Han River a few weeks ago, I took a picture with former BTOB member, Jung Ilhoon.

I clearly realized that a handsome person is still handsome even if he grows out his hair.

When the photo was shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of the update, but they loved how, despite being out of the public eye, he was respectful and interacted with fans.

Although Ilhoon is no longer promoting and performing as an idol, he still has the support of netizens worldwide, and many couldn’t be happier with the updates.

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