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Finesse2Tymes Unloads On Wack 100 Over Mother’s Legal Troubles

Finesse2Tymes has more than a few words for Wack 100 after the Los Angeles native publicized his mother’s ongoing legal troubles.

In a series of Instagram posts on Saturday (March 23), the executive shared a mugshot of the Memphis native’s mother and taunted him over the money-laundering charges she is currently negotiating.

“WARNING @1finesse2tymes IS IN A DESPERATE SITUATION,” his first post read. “HE NEEDS TO CLEAR HIS MOMMA OF THESE CHARGES. HEY BOZO TAKE DAT 100K U HAD ON ME AND PUT ITNTO YA MOMMAS BAIL or LEGAL ..STREETS I WARNED YOU @jprincerespect Still doing business with a known [rat].”

Finesse subsequently commented under it and wrote: “Let me guess u was naked laying across the bed when u made this post [laughing emoji]”

In a second post, Wack shared an image of Finesse’s face next to his mom’s and captionedit: “I don’t beef with NO man that has his momma’s hips #Respectfully.”

his adversary commented under that as well with: “Bruh u can’t even go to yo own hood , but u quick to say ‘piru’ nobody Fukks wit u that piru but the nygas that’s extorting u , u never outside miss me with the tough shyt I’ll out 100 on wack.

“U tawkn about a man hips , but u a killa [laughing emoji] when gone see when I catch up wit u killa.”

In yet another post, the 45-year-old shared details about the aforementioned case and accused the rapper of making his parent take the fall for his misdeeds, prompting Finesse to address the ordeal on Instagram Live.

“Hey Wack 100. I done been to Cali two–three times outside. You can’t even go to your own hood, bruh,” he said. “None of the rap n-ggas, none of the street niggas. I done been to your hood. You can’t even go to your own hood. Don’t none of your homies even respect you.

“It’s known that you move with the Feds, bruh. It’s known that you got the Feds securing No Jumper when you there. It’s known that you got the Feds securing every spot that you there. You win on the internet, but every time I’m in Chicago, where you popping out at?”

He continued: “Why you ain’t at no Rolling Loud? Why you ain’t at no functions? Why you ain’t nowhere but behind the microphone? ‘Cause you a bitch! And that’s that on that. You can say whatever you want to say about me, you can talk all the shit you want, you can do whatever you want for your views, but guess what? I can go to Chicago. I can go to The Land and get real love from the ministers. You can’t do that, homie. Your whole hood don’t respect you. You can say whatever you wanna say, but we two different people. You an old hoe. That’s all you is.

“And you done learned how to play the blogs and reel people in and say shit about certain people and gangstas and don’t even be outside. This what you wanted outta n-ggas. This what you want from me. And I made a commitment a week ago that I was through sparring with anybody who spoke on my name. You speak on my name — there it is. And we ain’t gotta say nothing else. But you can’t go to your hood. I can go to my land. You know what it is with me.”

Finesse2Tymes was recently accused of snitching by someone else as well. Earlier this year, the 31-year-old MC was embroiled in a beef with Akademiks that began when the rapper called the media personality a “bum” on his song “Click Bait.” In response, the podcaster offered $20,000 to anyone who could prove the rapper had snitched on them.

Rumors of Finesse snitching were originally sparked last year by 1090 Jake, who is also dissed on “Click Bait.” At the time, he claimed to have proof that Finesse had cooperated with the police on two separate occasions.

Finesse2Tymes Raises Eyebrows With Wild Bedroom Video With His Pregnant Girlfriend

Last month, No Jumper posted a video by a man who claimed that Finesse had named the people who helped him rob a band long ago, and that he was among those who were snitched on.

The document could not be verified, though the name of the listed victim, Matthew Zilch, does correspond with an actual Memphis robbery at the time.

The man also accused Finesse of having once repped the Gangster Disciples (GDs) street gang.

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