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Find Out How To Recreate TREASURE JiHoon’s Delicious Kimchi Fried Rice

TREASURE are an award-winning K-Pop group, recognized worldwide for their artistic talent and overflowing stage presence. Watching them perform makes your heart beat a little faster, urging you to jump up in your seat and dance along with them. They certainly know what they’re doing and always give off the impression that they were made for the stage.

Although they vibrantly jump around and exude an overflowing charisma, some members are the example of the word “introvert”. We see this firsthand through TREASURE’s Asahi in the most recently concluded “Shining SOLO” Part 1. At first he is unable to talk to the female contestants or properly look them in the eye. But if he’s taught us anything, it’s to not judge a book by its cover. Asahi’s character development was a testament to his unlimited charms and that the idol just needed some time to fully show what he’s made of.

Now, this isn’t anything new to Treasure Maker, as they’ve come to understand and love Asahi’s introverted self, being one layer of the multitalented idol.


First Steps In The Entertainment Industry

When Asahi was first introduced to the public, it was as a trainee and contestant on “YG TREASURE BOX“. Teaching himself how to compose at a young age, he naturally garnered an immense interest towards music, leading him to nurture a dream of becoming an idol. Watching his pre-show interview and accompanying performance raised expectations for the then idol hopeful.

Even then, Asahi carried a type of infectious sweetness that had a surging wave of warmth to spread all throughout your body. He was complimented by everyone from fellow trainees to BLACKPINK themselves. Asahi just had this spellbinding charm that made everyone look his way. And it was through a combination of his personality, innate talent, and hard work that led him to finally debut as a member of TREASURE.


Making Moves As TREASURE

Alongside the rest of TREASURE, Asahi made a successful debut as an official idol group member. His passion was apparent on stage, with every dance move expertly executed and a gaze that pierced right through your soul. Even when he wasn’t fully featured in the spotlight, you could feel his unwavering presence and dedication to creating the best stage possible.

The beginning of his career was busy, as TREASURE made comeback after comeback after their initial debut. This allowed the YG boy group more opportunities to stand on stage and display the skills they’ve been training so hard and long to perfect. While the time between each comeback in the early stages were short, Asahi continued to make constant improvements.

In such a short amount of time, Asahi and the rest of members showed that they meant business and intended to remain in the industry for a long time. Releasing so many tracks right at the start of their career set the foundations needed for their worldwide success. While he was charismatic on stage, fans could also see the idol having fun, showing just how much he enjoyed his time performing in front of TREASURE’s loving supporters.


Discovering Asahi’s Quirky And Loveable Personality

Now, while one could talk about Asahi’s improvements and stage presence all day long, there’s many more aspects to the idol that makes him so special. Despite being a major introvert, when he’s surrounded by his fellow groupmates, he transforms into a totally different person and allows his true self to show.

Asahi’s silent way of doing things is one of his biggest charms, as you could be focused on one member while the idol magically pops up out of nowhere and proceeds to steal all your attention. He’s an absolute mood maker, able to make fans and his members laugh with the silliest gestures. Despite being an idol, he isn’t afraid to create outrageously comedic actions that make millions bend over in laughter.

His ability to bring joy and make people laugh isn’t a one time happening either. When he’s able to fully express himself and not in the comfort of his introverted shell, he can be one of the most active among his members, quickly becoming the bias for Treasure Maker across the globe.


Breaking Introvert Stereotypes Through “Shining SOLO”

YG Entertainment

Much of Asahi’s charms, and more, were exemplified through “Shining SOLO”. The idol might have started off shy and reserved, but he was slowly able to showcase his unlimited charms to the female participants and viewers watching at home. He really embodied the phrase, “Good things take time”, as he received numerous compliments on his noteworthy growth from the first day until the last.

While appealing to fans and strangers is part of an idol’s job description, that doesn’t take away from their introverted nature. However, Asahi showcases the charm of introverts when they’re in their element. He breaks numerous stereotypes and carried with him an unbeatable confidence that everyone could clearly see.

Asahi could very well be the life of the party, despite his MBTI being INFP. The combination of his passionate stage presence and captivating personality is enough to make anyone fall for the idol.

What do you think about the TREASURE member? Are you a fan of Asahi and his loveable charms?

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