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Film Industry Emergency Appeal: South Korean Cinema Faces Crisis Due to Abolition of Admission Fee Surcharge

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The South Korean film industry is facing a significant challenge. The Film Industry Crisis Overcoming Film People Solidarity, a coalition of 20 film-related organizations, has expressed deep concerns over the government’s recent decision to abolish the admission fee surcharge. They warned that this decision announced by the Yoon Seok-yeol Government last month could shake the foundation of South Korean cinema’s development and expressed regret over the decision being made without close consultation with the government.

According to the Film Industry Crisis Overcoming Film People Solidarity, the admission fee surcharge has been an essential source of funding for the development of South Korean films. Current laws stipulate that part of the ticket price be used as a film development fund, which has played a crucial role in supporting independent and art films, regional cinema, and maintaining various public services by the Korean Film Council. However, the government’s decision has been criticized for only offering short-term responses despite the film industry’s calls for a long-term stable management plan.

Moreover, the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated concerns about the future of South Korean cinema by putting the film development fund at risk of depletion. With the 2024 budget projected to decrease by 36% compared to the previous year, critical areas such as South Korean film R&D, film festival support, and production and release support for independent and art films have been significantly impacted. In light of these challenges, the film industry is urgently calling on the government to prepare a concrete plan for the stable normalization of the film development fund.

Concerns about the long-term impact of this decision on the South Korean film industry continue. Organizations like the Film Industry Crisis Overcoming Film People Solidarity are demanding solutions through close cooperation and dialogue with the government to protect the foundation of the South Korean visual content industry. It is crucial to monitor how this issue unfolds and what actions will be taken for the future of South Korean cinema.

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