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Filipinos Call Out Local Concert Organizers For Repeatedly Choosing Philippine Arena

It’s falling on deaf ears.

Filipino fans have had enough of the Philippine Arena. The massive venue located in Bulacan has been a source of frustration for concertgoers due to its inaccessibility and logistical challenges.

Despite repeated complaints, organizers are ignoring the concerns, seemingly prioritizing the large capacity over fans’ negative experiences.

Philippine Arena |

A netizen recently started the discussion when they commented on Twitter, “You must really love an artist if you’re going to Philippine Arena for them.”

Agreeing, many argued that it’s inaccessible to most people as you’d need a vehicle to reach it. Public transportation options are limited, making it difficult for fans without private vehicles to attend events.

It’s also so large that it’s challenging to fill all the seats, often resulting in a less intimate and engaging concert atmosphere.

Unfortunately, these issues are only falling on deaf ears as organizers like Live Nation and Pulp continue to hold events there.

Concerts of famous singers IU and Dua Lipa are recent examples.

Further along the thread, K-Pop fans told of their difficult experiences at the arena. During a concert at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bulacan, for example, CARATs received unclear instructions from the organizers, leading to a chaotic event.

The lack of proper guidance amidst poor weather conditions left them feeling frustrated. Many went home feeling like guinea pigs.

K-Pop group Seventeen performing at their “Follow” tour at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bulacan | Pledis Entertainment
| Pledis Entertainment

Due to these struggles, Filipinos are calling for organizers to return concerts to more accessible and familiar venues like MOA Arena and Araneta Coliseum, located in Metro Manila. As these venues are in the heart of the city with public transport options, they’re convenient for a larger number of fans.

Ultimately, concertgoers hope their voices will be heard and that event organizers will prioritize fan interests over venue capacity.

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