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EPEX Shines with Debut Album: A New Chapter in K-Pop

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In a significant leap forward, EPEX, the idol group managed by C9 Entertainment, is set to showcase their evolved musical talents through their first full-length album. The group, comprising Wish, Keum Dong-hyun, MU, A-Min, Baekseung, Ayden, Yewang, and Jeff, took to social media and their YouTube channel on April 3rd to tease fans with a preview of their album, “Prime of Youth Chapter 1: The Age of Youth.”

“Prime of Youth Chapter 1: The Age of Youth” marks EPEX’s inaugural foray into full-length albums, three years post-debut, packing eight tracks that inaugurate a new trilogy series centered around youth. The preview video hinted at a compelling youth narrative across all tracks, including the lead single “To the Youth (Youth2Youth).” The song’s relatable lyrics and unique composition hint at EPEX’s fresh endeavors, striking a chord with “It’s okay to wander. Even if you’re still clumsy and slow. Take my hand and start your life. You can start your life. Here, we’re in the spring of our lives.”

Previously released tracks like “Graduation Day” in February, alongside “KILLSHOT,” “Breathe in Love,” “Painkiller,” “Dominate,” “Lay Up,” and the ballad “The Secret I Can Tell,” showcase EPEX’s diverse musical spectrum, spanning various genres. This diversity underscores the group’s growth in vocals, rap, and performance, alongside their unique lyrical approach to the anxieties and loves of youth.

Launching a trilogy series of full-length albums is an extraordinary move for a K-pop idol group, signaling EPEX’s ambition to elevate their musical prowess solely through albums. This strategy, emblematic of their commitment to quality, has garnered global acclaim, setting the stage for the full reveal of their capabilities in this first installment.

“Prime of Youth Chapter 1: The Age of Youth” is poised for release on April 9th at 6 PM KST across various online music platforms, promising to affirm EPEX’s esteemed position in the global music scene. As we anticipate this milestone, the group’s journey offers a glimpse into the evolving narrative of K-pop, where innovation and authenticity continue to redefine the boundaries of musical artistry. EPEX’s latest endeavor not only celebrates youth but also heralds the group’s promising future in the ever-dynamic world of K-pop.

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