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Engaged Star Fuels Breakup Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Post

The couple are rumored to have broken up.

Kim Seul Gi‘s Instagram post is going viral.

Kim Seul Gi (left) and Yoo Hyun Chul (right) | Nate

On April 9, Kim Seul Gi uploaded a photo of a cabinet from her workplace. The photo seemingly rebuts previous claims, stating that she had quit her job to move in with her fiancé.

Kim Seul Gi’s office cabinet | Sports Chosun

Previously, it was rumored that Kim Seul Gi, from I Am Solo, and her fiancé, Yoo Hyun Chul, from Love After Divorce, were breaking off their engagement. The allegations stem from Kim Seul Gi privating her Instagram.

As the allegations went viral, I Am Solo‘s 14th Kwang Soo, refuted the rumors and claimed that Kim Seul Gi had quit her job to move in with her boyfriend. Kim Seul Gi then posted the photo of her workplace, seemingly debunking his claim.

I Am Solo’s 14th Kwang Soo

Meanwhile, Yoo Hyun Chul and Kim Seul Gi are currently appearing on TV Chosun‘s Lovers Of Joseon, where they reveal the ups and downs of planning their wedding.

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