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Dr. Simone Whitmore & Ms. Pat React To Viral Videos

Roomies, Dr. Simone Whitmore and Ms. Pat are back, and the pair are sharing their hilarious reactions to the internet’s best videos on menopause. Additionally, the pair are droppin’ more little-known facts about the topic on the latest episode of The Shade Room’sHot & Bothered.’

Dr. Whitmore & Ms. Pat React To Viral Videos On Menopause & VMS

The episode opens up with the pair checking out a series of viral videos on menopause and VMS. The first featured a comedian who revealed that one time, she cried for 15 minutes after a slight inconvenience.

Dr. Whitmore explained that menopause and VMS can make one extremely emotional — and even more shocking, the conditions can lead to hair growth in unexpected places!

“I’ve seen a lot of hair under the chin, sideburns — I’ve seen it right here on the chest,” Dr. Whitmore explained.

In response, Ms. Pat humorously shared that she hasn’t experienced hair growth on her sideburns. But a “full beard” is growing somewhere else!

The second video featured a woman who hilariously showed that constant itching is also something she’s experienced due to menopause.

“Dry skin is one of the symptoms of menopause,” Dr. Whitmore added.

The Pair Drop More Knowledge

Ultimately, the pair explained that watching viral videos on the topic not only informed them of what to expect. But it also showed that one doesn’t need to be “ashamed” of the experiences and symptoms that come along with menopause and VMS.

“It’s okay to become a little bit grown,” Ms. Pat shared.

“And you’re sharing [it] with everybody — it’s not something we need to keep a secret,” Dr. Whitmore added.

And it keeps men knowing that we have not lost our minds,” Ms. Pat replied. “We just going through some stuff right now.”

Scroll above to check out the viral videos and see Dr. Whitmore and Ms. Pat’s blind reactions.

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