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Doja Cat Reacts To Comments About Her 4C Hair Texture

Doja Cat recently shared a close-up photo of her hair on Instagram and hopped back on to the platform to discuss the harmful comments she received.

Uproxx reports, that the singer slammed trolls for comparing her hair to “carpet” and “pubic hair.”

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“I had a photographer take a picture of the top of my head,” Doja explained. “And we blew it up and we made it so that my album cover is my hair.”

The “Get Into It’ rapper said, “So my hair, to describe it, is 4C hair texture. My hair is just 4C.”

The Negative Comments About Her Crown

Doja then begins to describe the rude comments she received after posting the pic.

“I’m seeing a consistent pattern in my comment section of people saying is my hair pubic hair? Is it carpet or is it sheep’s wool?” she explained.

“And it’s not even questions…some people are being like that’s what it is. But like people comparing my hair to sheep, and pubes and carpet and popcorn and s*** like that,” a frustrated Doja said.

The superstar had a little advice for the trolls.

“Let’s move forward. Let’s grow.” she said. “Cause I can’t tell you what to do, I’m not your f***ing parents,” she added.

“Like pubic hair? Really? That’s where we stand,” she asked in a disgusted tone.

Roomies Respond To Doja’s Rant

“Baby you do not have 4c hair. let’s start there,” @xotanye commented.

Consequently, others in the comment section disagreed, stating they had type 4 hair and it was identical to Doja’s.

@jamaicangyal03 said, “It’s 4c. Ik because mine is 4c as well.”

“my hair 4c and it does the same as this picture,” @shesoconceited27 cosigned.

@ahayasanders noted these rude comments had to have been from her Caucasian fan base.

“It’s her white fans being anti black forgetting she’s a black woman,” she wrote. 

@ken.the.don was more concerned with her presence online. He inquired, “I thought she said she was leaving Instagram?”

As The ShadeRoom reported previously, the TWA-rocking blond deactivated her account earlier this month. She stated she was having “f***ed up thoughts” because of mistreatment from users.

Doja may go back into hiding after this.

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