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Dave East Stars In ‘New York Undercover’ Skit

Dave East got back in his acting bag to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the beloved show, New York Undercover.

In a skit shared to Instagram on Thursday (April 25), the rapper and Wu-Tang Saga star performed his own version of the show alongside basketball coach Lethal Shooter and NYU stars Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo.

“We’ve been looking for this guy for over three years, Dave East is a real one for not snitching on skills coach LethalShooter. $5,000,000 in gym fees owed to the city of New York!!! We finally got him!!!” the post was captioned with laughing emojis.

“Happy 30th Anniversary to New York Undercover, it’s a must we give flowers to living legends. [clapping emojis] #NewYorkUnderCover”

On the music side of things, Snoop Dogg revealed earlier this year that he has a whole unreleased album with Dave East and suggested that it was killed because the label wasn’t happy.

The revelation came during a conversation with Benny The Butcher on Snoop’s YouTube series GGN, which dropped in January.

Dave East Recorded ‘Fortune Favors The Bold’ Album At Pablo Escobar’s Stash House

During the conversation, the Doggfather admitted there were a few beats he wishes he “murked” during his heyday, mentioning Pharrell and Swizz Beatz instrumentals that were given to the likes of JAY-Z, Nas and DMX.

After Benny joked about pressing Harry Fraud, who produced his 2021 project The Plugs I Met 2, about beats he gave to Dave East, Snoop let the cat out of the bag regarding his scrapped album with the Harlem rapper.

“I’m a product of Hip Hop so that’s the Hip Hop that I’m more drawn to. It was years ago when I went to New York to fuck with Dave East, before I was in the Def Jam building, just because I love how he get down,” he said.

“We went through Harlem and I was fuckin’ with him. We did a whole project that was just like the shit that [Griselda] do. And then the label stepped in and was like, ‘Nah, we’re gonna do [this instead].”

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