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“Crime City 4” Opens a New Horizon of Action

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“Crime City 4” has returned with intense and refined action, ready once again to capture the hearts of its audience. On the 15th in the afternoon, a press screening was successfully held at Megabox COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The event was brightened by the presence of the main cast, Ma DongSeok, Kim MooYul, Park JiHwan, Lee DongHwi, and director Heo MyeongHaeng.

“Crime City 4” is an action movie that tells the story of a monster detective, Ma SeokDo (played by Ma DongSeok), and his colleagues fighting against a massive online illegal gambling organization. In this installment, Ma SeokDo teams up again with Baek ChangKi (Kim MooYul), a villain and former special forces mercenary, IT genius CEO Jang DongCheol (Lee DongHwi), and Jang YiSoo (Park JiHwan), who made a memorable impression in the previous work, to launch an operation to eradicate crime once more.

Ma DongSeok discussed the action in this film, stating, “We’ve made efforts to show a higher level of combat ability, different from the villains of the past, aiming to deliver more substantial and realistic action.” Kim MooYul described his role as Baek ChangKi as a “character specialized in harming people” and expressed his ambition for performing action scenes without holding back.

Lee DongHwi, who adds a light touch of humor through his role as Jang DongCheol, described his character as “thinking he’s funny, but he’s the only one who finds himself amusing.” Park JiHwan, returning as Jang YiSoo following “Crime City 2,” mentioned, “We held many idea meetings to find new fun elements,” expressing his anticipation for the new film.

Director Heo MyeongHaeng expressed his emotion, “It’s been over a year since we finished filming, but I’m thrilled that we can finally meet the audience,” and asked for much attention and support. “Crime City 4” is set to be released on the 24th, promising to offer a new chapter of action to its viewers.

The release of “Crime City 4” signifies more than just another action movie coming out. With strong characters, a solid storyline, and action that goes beyond limits, it’s ready to fulfill the public’s expectations once again. Audiences can look forward to experiencing something new through this movie and have high hopes for how the “Crime City” series will continue to evolve.

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