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CRADLE OF FILTH’s ED SHEERAN Collaboration Might Just Be A Bonus Track On The New Album

The long-awaited EdSheeran-meets-CradleOfFilth collaboration has been in the works for what feels like ages. The song was potentially slated for a summer 2023 release, but then got pushed back to be a part of the band’s upcoming album. Now it seems that while the collaboration is still slated to be part of the band’s new album, it might just be a bonus track.

According to Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth in an interview with Heavy, the song is done and is likely slated to be featured on the “special edition” of their upcoming album.

“We’ve already done our track with Ed Sheeran, although that’ll be probably coming out on the special edition of the new album. But I can’t really talk much more about that, all legalities and what have you. We should be dropping a new single, actually, around the time of the Australian tour [in September 2024], maybe a little bit later… [The single] should be [coming out] probably about the same time with the album being dropped around March next year.”

Filth continued: “The album we started last July, and our record company was, like, ‘Why are you taking so long?’ It’s, like, ‘Well, because we’re on tour.’ We started the album [and then] we literally went off on tour for two months. So, yeah, we’ve been very, very busy.”

So stay tuned as you’ve been staying tuned since 2021.

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