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“Cinderella And Her Stepsisters” — Netizens Point Out Bang Si Hyuk’s Favoritism For LE SSERAFIM Over NewJeans

Bang Si Hyuk personally went to support LE SSERAFIM.

Amidst allegations of mistreatment towards NewJeans by HYBE and its founder Bang Si Hyuk, netizens have brought up the favoritism that Bang Si Hyuk had allegedly shown. They claimed that he clearly favored LE SSERAFIM over NewJeans, even though both groups are from his company.

While Bang Si Hyuk has never been present at any event for NewJeans, netizens realized that he had personally gone down to LE SSERAFIM’s pop-up store to show his support. According to fans who had been present, he had bought up a large amount of products from the store, even using his personal car to transport the items.

| theqoo

Fans noted that he had come on the 4th day of the pop-up store. The girls had not been present at the store then, so he had truly gone down to support them.

“Gasp…Bang Si Hyuk is at the pop-up store now…” | theqoo

Not only that, but he has been known to show his ardent support for the group. In previous interviews, the girls have claimed that he personally named the team. Yunjin was also noted to have shared that the group got a chance to meet up with Bang Si Hyuk personally around the promotions for “EASY,” where they shared their worries with him.

Netizens were upset on NewJeans’ behalf, calling them Cinderella compared to LE SSERAFIM.

| theqoo
  •  So I guess LE SSERAFIM was HYBE’s princesses all along.
  • WOW, this is totally Cinderella and her stepsisters LOL.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to be good to all your artists?
  • Doesn’t he have staff? Which CEO goes to that extent?
  • BigHit and Source Music were one since a long time ago. Back then, 8Eight also belonged to BigHit and Source Music. They also made GLAM together, and most of GFRIEND were trainees from BigHit. There were many rumors that the companies were helping each other out. Source Music was also the first label to be absorbed by HYBE.
  • He’s really doing the role of a sponsor. They suit each other.
  • Legendary LOL.
  • Did all the age he gained go to his belly?

You can read more about the mistreatment allegations below.

Netizens React To Bang Si Hyuk’s Shocking Mistreatment Of NewJeans

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