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Charlotte Hong’s ‘Tropical Rain, Death Scented Kiss’ Wraps Production

EXCLUSIVE: Production has wrapped in Singapore and the United States on Charlotte Hong’s debut feature Tropical Rain, Death Scented Kiss.

The animation and live-action hybrid film is set in an apocalyptic vision of Singapore falling into a wilderness populated by spirits. A dime store romance blossoms as an alienated lesbian teenager struggles to confess her feelings for her mysteriously-resurrected best friend.

Starring Shi An Lim, the film is produced by Singapore’s Momo Film Co, the Philippines Daluyong Studio and the U.S.’s Total Blur in association with True Colour Media and Purple Tree Content.

At an earlier stage in project, Tropical Rain, Death Scented Kiss won a special mention at the Singapore International Film Festival’s Southeast Asian Film Lab and Talents Tokyo. Production was supported by the Singapore Film Commission, and Talents Tokyo Next Masters Support Program. 

Atfter winning the Golden Leopard in the first and second films section for Dreaming and Dying at the Locarno Film Festival last year, producers Sophia Sim and Tan Si En lead Tropical Rain, Death Scented Kiss along with Giuliana Foulkes.

“We are passionate about championing female and non-binary voices both before and behind the camera,” producers Sim and Tan said in a statement. “We are excited for a unique and diverse project like Tropical Rain, Death-scented Kiss. It has been incredible to work with such great talents from both Singapore and the U.S.”

The film is currently going into post-production and will be edited by Natalie Soh, a Berlinale Talents alumnus who won a Best Editing prize at the 2017 Asian Film Awards for the feature film Apprentice and Best Editing at the 2017 Apollo Awards for the dark fantasy series Halfworlds 2.

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