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Carl Radke Says He ‘Made the Right Decision’ Separating From Lindsay Hubbard

Carl Radke isn’t questioning his decision to split from Lindsay Hubbard.

At the end of Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host asked the Summer House star what he’s learned watching back the period leading up to his and Hubbard’s breakup, which came just months before their wedding.

“Number one, I made the right decision,” Radke said, before wishing his ex well. “I think it’s better. It seems like she’s happy and moving along. I wish her all the best. I hope he treats her well and she’s happy. That’s all I can ask for.”

Earlier in the episode, Radke admitted that he “absolutely” should’ve been more upfront about his needs in the relationship.

“I’m seeing myself eight, nine months removed in kind of a different way. There’s some things I wish I was a little more firm [on] or really just made sure she knew I was serious about,” he said. “I have a tendency sometimes to back down from difficult conversations. I think you’re seeing some of that play out.”

As for why he didn’t speak up, Radke said, “I was afraid of hurting her. I’m a people pleaser, which is something that I work on in my therapy and I talk about. With her, I didn’t want to hurt her by delivering difficult information even though I just needed to be more upfront with her.”

“We had had the safety of couples’ therapy where we did talk about a lot of these different topics,” he added, “but outside of couples’ therapy were a lot of the ruptures, obviously, that happened.”

As for the biggest regret he has about how the split played out, Radke reiterated, “I think I could’ve been a lot more direct with her about how I was feeling at times.”

“I think I was dead-set on really just trying to get married. I wanted to get married. I wanted to have a family, but I think we were speeding really quickly down the track,” he said. “… I wanted to get married. We were fighting the last two weeks. I think people will watch over these next few episodes some of the other things that come about.”

During her WWHL appearance last month, Hubbard said that, in hindsight, the split was for the best, though knowing that doesn’t lessen the frustration.

“I think like it would have been a really long, tough road ahead in my future,” she said. “But it’s complicated, right? I spent an entire almost year planning a wedding and grinding and organizing so much for it. So it’s a little frustrating.”

When ET spoke to her in February, Hubbard admitted that it was “gonna be tough to relive” the summer of her split as it played out on TV.

“I just have to keep reminding myself that I’ve already lived it,” she said. “It’s the past, and I have so much going on in the present and the future — and the future’s really bright for me.”

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