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Block B’s U-Kwon releases first single of 2024.

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Block B’s Main Dancer, vocalist, producer and soloist is back with his first single release of 2024 featuring both a Korean and Japanese version of the soft hearted track entitled [ Tough Love ], Officially released on April 15th 2024. The single was originally teased in a NAVER post introducing fans to the next release since releasing ‘With You’ featured on LoveClass 2 Official OST back in March, and ‘Wanna Do’ back in 2023.  

‘Tough Love’ Album Image Shared by U Kwon on Instagram. 

Originally debuting as a singer and member of the seven member South Korean group ‘BlockB’ on April 13th 2011 alongside Woo Ji Ho (Zico), Lee Tae II (Taeil), Lee Min Hyuk (B Bomb), Ahn Jae Hyo, Park Kyung  and Pyo Ji Hoon (P.O). The group would make waves with their music introducing many to the scene, introducing the scene and fans alike to a variety of songs and genres perfect to get anyone moving, finding success within the Korean Pop and Korean Hip Hop music at the time with songs and performances such as (but not limited to): Shall We Dance, HER, Very Good, Toy, Yesterday, Jack Pot and Don’t Leave. Later, BlockB would introduce two new sub units that U Kwon would also take part in: Block B BASTARZ and BlockB T2U. 

U Kwon has since been making a name for himself in various activities and promotions from appearing on two separate seasons of the popular South Korean show King of Masked Singer, completing his mandatory military service in 2021, appearing, acting and taking part in the following movies, dramas and musicals: Thrilling Daily Life (2016), Radio Romance (2018), Jumping Girl (2015) and 더 쇼! 신라하다. 

U Kwon has also since founded his own label with his trusted friends titled [ 5 Seconds Records ].

Idol in image above: Kim Yoo Kwon (U Kwon). 

Don’t forget to check out the official release! 

Curious about the other Block B Members? Here’s a small list of updates on how everyone’s is doing (although some have been inactive on SNS):  

The Block B Members are known amongst their fanbase BBC (also referred to as ‘Bees’ or ‘Honey bees’) within the fan group itself for supporting various fan made projects by attending birthday events and surprising them at birthday cafe events. 

Zico is currently managing the label KOZ (currently underneath HYBE but acts as an independent company) and debuted his first official boy group ‘BoyNextDoor’. He released the 5 track EP in 2022 en titled [ Grown Ass Kid ] which contained the previously pre release of the song ‘Seoul Drift’ in 2022 and is the first EP release since his EP [ Random Box ] in 2020. Zico has also since completed his mandatory military service in 2022. 

Taeil completed his military service in 2021, and doing numerous activities as the unit ‘T2U’ in Japan.

Lee Min Hyuk (B Bomb) has since opened and is managing the cafe ‘Mujabee’ as well as a wine bar titled ‘Kangaroo’. 

Ahn Jae Hyo has been especially busy since appearing as the first Korean Pop Idol to appear on the cover model of the Korean fishing magazine back in 2018 [ Fishing News ] by managing his restaurant, fishing and poker. 

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