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Best Taylor Swift Pieces for Tortured Poets Department Era Outfits

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It’s finally here. Taylor Swift’s newest album, The Tortured Poets Department, arrived on April 19, and with it a brand new era for everyone’s favorite singer-songwriter. But dropping one album wasn’t enough. Swifties were in for a huge surprise when Taylor dropped a second complete set of songs just hours after the first batch, revealing that the release was actually a double album. Okay, so, wow. That’s been a lot. A LOT for Swifties to handle. And true to the fandom are questions about whatever shall we all wear when Taylor invites us to hear all of these new songs live?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. If you’re firmly in your TTPD mood, you can dress like the era in its entirety with a few simple pieces we found for you. They’re giving longing, academia, drama, forgiveness, and reconciliation. And most of all they’re giving fashion. These 10 picks can help you put together your own TTPD looks with little effort. Add to your cart, put an outfit together, and go out tonight. All’s fair in love and poetry.

10 Chairman-Approved Pieces for Your Tortured Poets Department Era

1. Fortnight: Channel Taylor’s 2024 Grammys look with this gorgeous floral dress  – just $37!

2. Down Bad: A flowy pleated skirt is a must for this era, and it’s super versatile, too – just $28!

3. So Long, London: This preppy houndstooth sweater vest is exactly what a poet might wear – just $27!

4. Guilty As Sin?: Sprinkle in a bit of menswear-like charm when accessorizing your TTPD outfits – just $39!

5. Clara Bow: A pair of black lace gloves to wear with your outfits are a must – just $8!

6. The Alchemy: Pair this gorgeous white bustier top with simple black slacks for a dynamite fit – just $34!

7. The Albatross: A beautiful coat with fur accents is the thing for rainy, contemplative weather – just $20!

8. Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me: A pair of tailored trousers are just the thing for this era – just $38!

9. loml: This rustic clock necklace is a fun nod to Taylor’s many time-themed surprises – just $9!

10. Fresh Out the Slammer: No Taylor-inspired outfit would be complete without a pair of sheer tights, and these go with everything – just $14!

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