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AOMG’s New Beginning: Parting Ways with Key Artists

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AOMG, a leading force in the Korean hip-hop scene and entertainment agency founded by Jay Park in 2013, has recently undergone significant changes. On the 28th, AOMG announced through their official account the end of exclusive contracts with artists GRAY, Woo, Lee Hi, and GooseBumps, expressing deep gratitude to the fans. These artists have been with AOMG since 2013, 2017, and 2020, respectively, and their contract termination has attracted much attention in the industry.

This change followed a series of events within AOMG, starting with the meenoi incident, leading to recent developments such as DJ Pumkin’s resignation as CEO and the appointment of Yoo Deok-gon as his successor. DJ Pumkin, who led AOMG for about 6 years as a hip-hop producer, had a considerable impact on the company with his resignation.

AOMG stated, “We are thankful for the great interest and love sent to our artists and support their new challenges.” This indicates AOMG’s unwavering support for the artists’ futures and suggests that the company is also ready to embrace new changes.

Separately, AOMG faced challenges related to meenoi’s advertisement shooting fiasco. meenoi conducted a tearful live broadcast, saying she had “committed a sin,” which was revealed to be the cause of the advertisement shooting failure. This led to the termination of meenoi’s exclusive contract with AOMG.

These series of events have brought a challenging time for AOMG but also serve as a stepping stone for a new beginning. AOMG plans to use this as an opportunity to reestablish their position in the ever-changing entertainment industry and to communicate with the public through more diverse and fresh content.

The departure of these artists has sparked interest in AOMG’s future direction and the fresh talents they will discover. Fans are supporting the artists’ new beginnings and are looking forward to seeing what AOMG will present in the future.

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