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Amber Portwood’s Fiancé FOUND 900 Miles From Home

Amber Portwood’s new man was still missing, despite being spotted in video footage far from his North Carolina home, up until a few hours ago.

Nearly a week after the Teen Mom star alerted the police to her missing loved one, officials have released an update on their investigation.

Turns out, they found Gary Wayt, only to have lost him again – but now he has been found!

Amber Portwood on MTV episode
Amber Portwood has been going through some through times. For many years now. (MTV)

Amber Portwood’s Missing Fiancé Found: Spotted 900 Miles Away From Home

Now, this story has become a bit confusing, but here’s the latest that we can share.

On June 11, MTV star Amber Portwood reported her fiancé Gary Wayt missing in North Carolina.

On that same day, footage was taken of Gary placing him 900 miles away from his NC resident.

In a statement to ET, a spokesperson for the Bryson City Police Department in North Carolina explained, “Gary was seen on camera in a Verizon store in Oklahoma” on June 11. From there, “it seems he headed toward New Mexico when the tag readers picked up his car there,” the spokesperson added.

But seeing Gary is not the same as Gary being found. The spokesperson explained that while they have information of Gary being in “New Mexico at one point” after June 11th, they have no more information on where he is now.

As such, “Gary will stay as a missing person until he contacts Bryson City Police or contacts another law enforcement officer,” the spokesperson said.

But then a few hours later, police shared via Facebook that Gary had been “located” and the case had been “closed.”

Amber, meanwhile, has not confirmed that he’s back in NC.

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On MTV, Amber Portwood openly vowed to no longer use her mental illness as an excuse for abhorrent behavior. Fans aren’t sure if she’s kept her promise. (MTV)

Is Gary Missing Or Just Leaving Amber?

“Amber stated she and Gary were having an argument and Gary picked up his car keys and wallet and walked out the door and drove off in a 2009 Nissan Rouge gray in color,” a statement the police gave to reporters read.

While Amber is “devastated,” it remains unclear what the pair fought about and why he’s been unreachable ever since. Reportedly, he has not spoken to Amber or any member of his family since he left. 

So, this likely means he’s turned himself in to police to call of the search. Glad to know he’s ok, but this story is far from over.

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