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Aespa’s Karina Shocks Netizens With Unedited Visuals

This is her in real life.

Recently, aespa‘s Karina stunned netizens with her beauty as she threw the first pitch at the SSG Landers vs. Lotte Giants Baseball game at which took place in Sajik Stadium, Busan.

aespa’s Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram

Her unedited beauty immediately went viral in close-up photos and videos.

Even down to her skin texture, Karina has no flaws!

She looked gorgeous at the event, whether it’s professional footage…

…or fantaken footage on a cell phone!

The HD photos below also showcase Karina’s true visuals without any touching up on her skin.

| @busanlottegiants/Instagram
| @busanlottegiants/Instagram
| @busanlottegiants/Instagram
| @busanlottegiants/Instagram

Even her proportions are out of this world.

| Yonhap News

It’s no wonder fans can’t stop raving over her beauty!

Check out more below.

Baseball Fans Forgot About The Game After aespa’s Karina Made The First Pitch

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