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Actress “Conned” By Husband’s “Ridiculous” Secret For 18 Years 

She wanted everyone to know the truth. Everyone.

When an actress uncovered her husband’s 18-year secret, she told the whole world about it.

Taiwanese actress Janet Lee and her husband, billionaire CEO Alan Lee, have been happily married for decades, but the couple isn’t shy about sharing their quarrels on social media. One of these quarrels involves a scam and a plot twist that Janet Lee really didn’t see coming.

For her birthday one year, Alan Lee gave his wife a Rolex as a gift. These Swiss luxury watches, which can cost well over $10,000 USD, are sported by wealthy celebrities around the globe.

Rolex’s Datejust 36 watch | Rolex

Sometime after Janet Lee received the watch, she took it to a shop for repairs, as it had stopped working. To her utter shock and embarrassment, a clerk informed her that her Rolex was fake. At the time, her husband seemed just as surprised, telling her, “How could that be? Was I scammed?”

18 years after supposedly being scammed, Alan Lee fessed up. It turns out that he knew–long before Janet Lee did–that the watch was counterfeit. She was the one who had been scammed!

It’s been 18 years, I always thought that my husband was conned! But no! I’m the one who got scammed by my husband!

Stupid man! You knew it’s fake but you still gave it to me, so ridiculous!

— Janet Lee

This isn’t the first time the couple has aired their grievances online. During COVID-19 lockdown, Janet Lee became so annoyed by her husband’s constant presence in their home that she considered divorcing him! (She did not.)

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