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A Teletubbies-Themed Rave Is Invading AREA15 for a Night of Nostalgia

Don your Teletubby antennae and dancing shoes because AREA15 is firing up the nostalgia machine with a rave featuring your favorite childhood characters.

AREA15, Las Vegas’ cutting-edge immersive entertainment destination, is set to open the doors of its mind-bending Portal room by welcoming electronic music fans to a surrealist dance party inspired by the fantastical Tubbyland.

Picture a dancefloor set against Tubbyland’s serene hills, all under the playful gaze of the Teletubby Sun Baby; it’s set to become a reality for dance music fans on June 21st. Attendees can expect a night where the enchanting Teletubby characters come to life with music, trippy visuals and an atmosphere rife with playful whimsy.

Guests will need to be over 18 to enter this nostalgic blast from the past, which begins at 9pm. But families can join the fun starting at 3pm by virtue of a meet-and-greet and photo opportunities with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po.


The rare rave is the latest masterstroke from the team behind AREA15, who continues to push the boundaries of immersive entertainment and consistently deliver unique, captivating experiences to its visitors.

“AREA15 is at the forefront of revolutionizing the rave experience by introducing themed events that blend nostalgia, creativity and immersive entertainment,” said Noah Kessler, AREA15’s Head of Events & Entertainment. “Our themed raves, such as the ‘House of Teletubbies: Tubbyland Rave,’ offer a distinctive and engaging way for guests to connect with beloved characters and stories while enjoying a high-energy nightlife atmosphere.”

Tickets to the “House of Teletubbies: Tubbyland Rave” are on sale now. 

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