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A new wave has hit the sea of Hallyu

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The protagonists are the rookie group BEWAVE, and their debut album “BEWAVE” showcase was splendidly held on the afternoon of April 17th at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. This album, true to its name, captures the group’s diverse charm that comes at you sometimes intensely and sometimes softly, like waves. Through the title track “SING!”, it offered the audience a new musical experience with a lovely mood hip-hop song mixed with the sensibilities of hip-hop and Latin.

At this showcase, BEWAVE members Jenna, AIn, YunSeul, Rena, Jieon, and GoWoon captivated the hearts of the press and fans with their charisma on stage and bright energy during photo time. Their clear voices and lively melody of the title song “SING!” naturally made listeners tap their feet, showcasing BEWAVE’s unique color.

BEWAVE’s debut is seen not just as the emergence of a new group but as a flare signaling a new breeze in the K-pop industry. They set new standards in every aspect, from their music and stage manners to visuals, making their future activities even more anticipated.

News about BEWAVE’s future activities is gathering interest from fans. Watching what new waves they will create and how they will enrich the sea of Hallyu further is expected to be very interesting. Many are focusing their support and interest on BEWAVE’s first steps.

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