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A Netizen’s Meeting With ATEEZ’s San Causes Anger Among Fans

“Stop treating idols like zoo animals…”

While most K-Pop fans could only dream of bumping into their favorite idols, there are rules of etiquette when it comes to interactions. A video of a fan meeting ATEEZ‘s San has caused a huge uproar online.

ATEEZ’s San | @ateezofficial/Twitter

Recently, a netizen online shared videos of San with the caption, “I went to Lotte World and saw Choi San!”

In the videos, the OP was recording San as he was seemingly enjoying some free time at the famous theme park in Korea.

When the video was shared, it instantly caused an uproar online about idols’ privacy. Although the OP claimed that they had just seen San at Lotte World, netizens criticized the fan for being so close to the idol and putting the camera in his face while he was walking. San was smiling and greeting the fan, but netizens found it uncomfortable.

Idols are more than happy to interact with fans, but many netizens think they should be given privacy and not treated like “animals in the zoo.”

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