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7 Members’ Agencies For Kep1er Reportedly Agree To Extend Contract — Yeseo And Mashiro To Join LIMELIGHT Instead

Unfortunately, they will not all renew.

Agencies for seven of the nine Kep1er members have reportedly agreed to extend the group’s contract and activities.

According to an exclusive report from Star News, seven out of the nine Kep1er members’ agencies have agreed to a contract extension. With this, Kep1er’s activities following the expiration of their initial contract in July 2024 will proceed as seven members. Kang Yeseo and Mashiro, both signed under 143 Entertainment, will not be continuing with Kep1er following the expiration of their initial contract and instead are slated to join LIMELIGHT, 143 Entertainment’s girl group.

Originally, it was reported that Kep1er would not have their contracts extended, but due to the group’s success, executives from the majority of the agencies have reportedly decided to renew the group’s contract.

Kep1er Will Reportedly Not Have Their Project Group Contract Extended

None of Wake One Entertainment, CJ ENM, or a members’ agency has confirmed Star News’ report as of publishing.

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