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50 Cent Sells Diddy Docuseries To Netflix After Huge Bidding War

50 Cent has found a buyer for his documentary series about Diddy following a “massive” bidding war between networks and streamers.

After months of hyping up the series, the multi-part documentary about the Bad Boy bass’s alleged sexual assault and sex trafficking has landed a home at Netflix.

According to TMZ, who recently released their own documentary about the embattled mogul on Tubi, there was a fierce bidding war for the documentary which is being made by G-Unit Film and Television Studios.

It was not previously known whether the documentary was real or merely a part of 50’s trolling campaign against Diddy as no details about the series — such as a director — have been revealed.

50 himself commented on the news, while also taking a shot at TMZ over their choice of photo of him in their story.

“TMZ use this fat boy picture of me because their doc went to Tubi LOL it’s ok guys we’re all making good television mines just happens to be the best!” he wrote on Instagram. “NETFLIX wins the bidding war but if more victims keep coming out I’m gonna need more episodes.”

He later posted an update after TMZ changed the picture in their story: “Ok TMZ put up a 2024 picture baby, let’s work ! LOL.”

The news of the documentary being purchased by Netflix comes after another woman sued Diddy for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting her over 20 years ago.

A woman named Crystal McKinney claims she met Puffy (real name Sean Combs) at a 2003 fashion event where, according to the suit, he “made a very public display of coming on to [her] in a sexually suggestive manner.”

McKinney, who was 22 at the time, claims she smoked weed with the No Way Out hitmaker but believes the joint was laced, causing her to become “very intoxicated.”

50 Cent Not Letting Diddy Off The Hook After Apology For Brutal Cassie Assault

She claims that Diddy then led her to a bathroom where he forced her to “perform oral sex on him.”

Following the alleged assault, McKinney says the mogul “blackballed” her from the modeling industry. She attempted suicide the following year.

McKinney said that, following the flood of similar suits against Combs, she “knew she had a moral obligation to speak up.”

Diddy and his legal team have not yet commented on the lawsuit.

The 54-year-old vehemently denied the other allegations against him, although he recently acknowledged that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend Cassie in 2016 after footage of the attack was leaked.

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