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4 Reasons Why NEW:ID Is A Rising Group In The K-Pop Scene

Popular all-Filipino pre-debut boy group New:ID are getting closer and closer to their debut, and they’re already winning hearts of K-Pop fans all over the world.

For those who may not know, New:ID is an upcoming boy group signed to MLD Entertainment, home to another hugely successful all-Filipino global pop group HORI7ON. In fact, HORI7ON and New:ID go way back because the members of both groups were selected from the reality survival show “Dream Maker”.

The winners of the competition show (top 7) were made into the group HORI7ON, but some of the remaining finalists were picked by MLD Entertainment as trainees. Thus, New:ID was formed with members Wilson, Macky, L, Thad, and Jom.

The New:ID members were also featured in several tracks on HORI7ON’s debut full-length album “Friend-SHIP” and have released their own songs – the prologue single ‘E.R’ (a remake of DMTN‘s song) and ‘Deja Vu’.

Fans of both groups have noticed that they have very distinct concepts, with HORI7ON going for a brighter, boy-next-door sound and New:ID exploring darker sonic aesthetics. So, if you stan both groups, you’ll have all bases covered!

K-Pop fans discovering New:ID for the first time are also incredibly impressed by the quality of the members’ vocals as well as choreography and are eager to see what they will have in store next.

However, the reason why New:ID is trending and gaining new fans is because of their SNS!

The members are making tons of content on social media, such as Instagram (@official.newid) and TikTok and are going viral with it too!

It is no surprise that K-Pop fans are gravitating towards this group for the members’ personalities and sense of humor. This has been the recurring pattern in K-Pop fandoms across generations!

Who doesn’t remember searching up fan-made videos of “funny moments” or “cute moments” of their favorite K-Pop group?

The same thing is happening with New:ID, and the members are naturally attracting fans from all over the world who are rooting for them and waiting for their debut.


New:ID is also sharing numerous dance covers on social media, showcasing their fantastic dance skills, leading to fans acknowledging their talent and raising anticipation for their future.

That’s not all! The members’ visuals and style are also drawing attention, making them the complete package – perfect for stanning!

With all this excitement and support behind New:ID, we are eager to see them debut and rock the world of pop!

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