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10 K-Pop Groups ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin Has Named During HYBE Feud And Why

Throughout her ongoing feud with HYBE, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin has mentioned or allegedly mentioned several other K-Pop groups for various reasons, including plagiarism accusations or for some other cause.

To clear up any confusion, here are ten of the groups she has talked about and why she did so.

1. NewJeans

As the “mother” of NewJeans, her feud is centered around trying to gain ownership of the ADOR from HYBE.

NewJeans | ADOR

NewJeans have been brought up several times during the conflict, from her accusations of plagiarising their content directed at other groups to her mentioning how they have comforted her during the press conference.

2. TWS

In a report by Yonhap News, TWS was one of numerous groups allegedly accused of plagiarizing NewJeans by Min Hee Jin.

TWS | Pledis Enterainment


RIIZE was mentioned in the same report by Yonhap News as one of the groups accused of plagiarizing NewJeans.

RIIZE | SM Entertainment


After her feud was compared to the legal battle between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT, Min Hee Jin negated this, calling the reason behind the legal issues “stupid.”

FIFTY FIFTY’s original line-up. | ATTRAKT

If money had been my goal, then I would have never complained to HYBE. I think HYBE is trying to frame me as someone who is trying to steal management rights. But FIFTY FIFTY’s situation has set a precedent. I would never do something so stupid.

— Min Hee Jin


Following the initial reports, ADOR released a statement saying that HYBE was attempting to tarnish Min Hee Jin’s reputation after she took offense to ILLIT‘s alleged plagiarism of NewJeans.


Later, during the press conference, Min Hee Jin stated that ILLIT’s “copying” of NewJeans wasn’t the problem, but the adults around them that debuted them with similar concepts.


During her press conference, Min Hee Jin explained that she left Source Music after plans to debut a new girl group changed. According to Min Hee Jin, she was suddenly told that a group centered around LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon and Sakura, which angered her.

LE SSERAFIM | Source Music

LE SSERAFIM’s debut left Min Hee Jin feeling “betrayed” as she believed the NewJeans would debut first. She also stated that HYBE’s CEO banned her from promoting NewJeans until LE SSERAFIM made their debut, claiming he wanted to trick the public into thinking she was involved with the latter group.


Amid the surfacing of information about Source Music, Min Hee Jin and HYBE were accused of forcing GFRIEND to disband. Min Hee Jin was accused of leaving Source Music with trainee costs, leading to problems for the label.


Min Hee Jin stated that she had nothing to do with GFRIEND’s disbandment during her press conference and that she had partially reimbursed the company.

8. BTS

After it was claimed that she accused BTS of copying her in Yonhap New’s release, Min Hee Jin clarified, saying that she did not. However, HYBE’s statement claimed that during her alleged consultations with a shaman, she spoke about the members’ military enlistments.


9. aespa

During her press conference, Min Hee Jin revealed multiple text messages between her and a person alleged to be Bang Si Hyuk. During one of these messages, Bang Si Hyuk supposedly asked Min Hee Jin if she could “crush aespa.”

aespa | SM Entertainment

10. IVE

During the press conference, while talking about how NewJeans came to be, Min Hee Jin mentioned that Sakura and Chaewon could go up against IVE because of their popularity.

Sakura and Chaewon already had a fandom but IVE was also already doing so well that they could overlap. So Bang PD had no confidence in his new girl group. That’s why he had no expectations for our team. That’s why I was ousted. And thus why I created New Jeans

— Min Hee Jin

IVE | Starship Entertainment

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